Tile and Grout Cleaning

icon 5As with all of our services, our Tile and Grout Cleaning is also first class. We strive to make your total CleanPro experience an experience with lasting value. From the moment one of our trained tile and grout cleaning professionals walks through your door until the clean is complete and you are happily satisfied, we are there to serve you the way you deserve.

nastytile2As you know mopping can only do so much good, and then you need a professional. This is where CleanPro comes in. Tile and Grout Cleaning is one of our specialties. Through the years we have successfully rehabilitated numerous tile and grout floors of all various sizes and types.

Using our truck mounted machine, the process begins with a powerful pre-treatment. Once the cleaning solution is applied the technician then scrubs the grout lines and then finally we pressure clean all the tile and grout with 230-degree steam at 900 PSI using our special tile and grout wand. In almost every situation we can successfully return the tile and grout back to their original color.

nastytile1CleanPro not only specializes in tile and grout cleaning, but we also can professionally seal the tile and grout. There are 2 different ways to seal a tile floor. The first way is to seal just the grout lines for enhanced protection from dirt and grime. The second way is to seal both the tile and the grout lines for enhanced protection and a bright shine. When you call one of our professionals can consult with you on which route would be best for your floor.