CleanPro Carpet Cleaning

If you are looking for professional carpet cleaning services, we've got you covered!

Our Services

CleanPro, LLC offers a full range of floor cleaning and 24 hour water restoration services in the Greater Memphis Metro Area. Our clientele includes clients in residential, commercial and industrial settings. We also specialize in helping real estate agents prepare their properties for sale.

Carpet Cleaning

The method of carpet cleaning we use is called the Hot Water Extraction method, more commonly known as steam cleaning or carpet shampooing. This particular method of cleaning ensures that each client receives the deepest and most thorough cleaning possible.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

As you know mopping can only do so much good, and then you need a professional. This is where CleanPro comes in. Tile and Grout Cleaning is one of our specialties. Through the years we have successfully rehabilitated numerous tile and grout floors of all various sizes and types.

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